A Simple Monograph Workflow


  1. A robust, well tested set of built in features
  2. Rapid development
  3. An ecosystem developers are familiar with
  4. Simple deployment
  • Django Bootstrap (for easy bootstrap templates)
  • Django Rest Framework (for the Rest API)
  • Django Summernote & JQTE (for Rich Text Editing)


$ git clone https://github.com/ubiquitypress/rua.gitMake a virtual environment:$ mkvirtualenv ruaInstall the requirements:$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python manage.py syncdb
$ python manage.py migrate
$ python manage.py loaddata core/fixtures/settinggroup.json
$ python manage.py loaddata core/fixtures/settings.json
$ python manage.py loaddata core/fixtures/cc-licenses.json
$ python manage.py loaddata core/fixtures/role.json
$ python manage.py loaddata core/fixtures/langs.json
$ python manage.py runserver

The Workflow

  • optional proposal
  • submission
  • internal review
  • peer review
  • optional copy editing
  • optional indexing
  • optional typesetting
  • production
  • publication

Pub Tech developer for Birkbeck CTP

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Andy Byers

Andy Byers

Pub Tech developer for Birkbeck CTP

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