Monkey-patching is Bad

def set_journal(request, site):
from journal import models as journal_models
if settings.URL_CONFIG == 'path':
journal_code = request.path.split('/')[1]
request.journal = journal_models.Journal.objects.get(code=journal_code)
request.journal = journal_models.Journal.objects.get(domain=site.domain)
class URLNode(Node):
def __init__(self, view_name, args, kwargs, asvar):
self.view_name = view_name
self.args = args
self.kwargs = kwargs
self.asvar = asvar

def render(self, context):
from django.urls import reverse, NoReverseMatch
args = [arg.resolve(context) for arg in self.args]
kwargs = {
force_text(k, 'ascii'): v.resolve(context)
for k, v in self.kwargs.items()

if settings.URL_CONFIG == 'path':
request = context.get('request', None)
if request:
kwargs['journal_code'] = request.journal.code if request.journal else 'press'

view_name = self.view_name.resolve(context)
current_app = context.request.current_app
except AttributeError:
current_app = context.request.resolver_match.namespace
except AttributeError:
current_app = None
# Try to look up the URL. If it fails, raise NoReverseMatch unless the
# {% url ... as var %} construct is used, in which case return nothing.
url = ''
url = reverse(view_name, args=args, kwargs=kwargs, current_app=current_app)
except NoReverseMatch:
if self.asvar is None:

if self.asvar:
context[self.asvar] = url
return ''
if context.autoescape:
url = conditional_escape(url)
return url
def reverse(viewname, urlconf=None, args=None, kwargs=None, current_app=None):
This monkey patch will add the journal_code to reverse kwargs if the URL_CONFIG setting is set to 'patch'

if not viewname.startswith('djdt'):
local_request = GlobalRequestMiddleware.get_current_request()

if settings.URL_CONFIG == 'path':
code = local_request.journal.code if local_request.journal else 'press'
if kwargs and not args:
kwargs['journal_code'] = code
kwargs = {'journal_code': code}

# Drop kwargs if user is accessing admin site.
if local_request.path.startswith('/admin/'):

# Drop kwargs if we have args (most likely from the template
if args:
kwargs = None
args = [code] + args

url = django_reverse(viewname, urlconf, args, kwargs, current_app)

# Ensure any unicode characters in the URL are escaped.
return iri_to_uri(url)

 by the author.




Pub Tech developer for Birkbeck CTP

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Andy Byers

Andy Byers

Pub Tech developer for Birkbeck CTP

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